Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Swim Suit

I think it was third grade. My mom was an incredible seamstress. She could make anything from scratch. The product of her hands was beautiful and exquisite. In the summer of 1975 she decided to make a swimsuit for the first time - my swimsuit.

There was no "mixed bathing" allowed in our home. No, that did not mean taking baths together! Boys and girls did not swim together. I remember the time Sabrina had a swimming party. I begged to go. I was positive (wink wink) there would be no boys there. I borrowed a swimsuit from my friend in order not to be the laughing stock of the party and Crestmont Elementary. I knew I had pulled one over until my Mom showed up early to the party. Many girls, a few boys and me in my friend's swimsuit - definitely not the one my Mom had sewn.

Yeah. Not so good.

I just wanted to be like everyone else. I wanted a store bought swimsuit that did not hang half way down to my knees. It would be nice if the material was not so heavy it weighed me down in the deep end as I held my nose with flair and expertise.

But my Mom knew what I did not know. She had a corner on the market of modesty that I could not comprehend. I saw modesty as a set of rules. She saw modesty as an attitude of the heart.

It took many years of God working on my heart for me to understand modesty. I know I have more to learn.

One of the most eye opening books for me was For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn. My husband confirmed everything I read about how a man's mind works. From that point forward, I evaluated many things differently. As our daughter has grown, we have been honest with her about her clothing choices and the effects those choices have on boys and men. Like my Mom, there are limits I have set that are non-negotiable.

As for swim suits, I don't sew. I did find a company that makes modest and fashionable suits for young ladies - Lime Ricki Swimwear.

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