Thursday, August 6, 2009

Motivated to Start Stamping!

WOW! We had our first homeschool group meeting of the school year Tuesday night with almost 60 women! It was so cool to look across the room and see friends I have known over the last few years and then brand new friends for the year to come.

The excitement in the room was high, which set the tone for the rest of the night. We heard from a beautiful young lady, Amanda, about how her home education has shaped her into a godly woman. I think we could have all gone home after she shared how vital her mother was to her spiritual development and success. There were few dry eyes when she gave her mom a painting she had done to honor her. Yeah. WOW!

The cool thing about the evening--the God thing--was how He gave a message that touched hearts to leave an imprint on the generation we serve. We are to "impress" His Word on our children's hearts as we go about life. (Deut. 6:4-9) First we ourselves have to be in the Word in order to impress the Word on our kids. As we disciple our children day in and day out, we are stamping the image of Christ on them.

I readily admit, the image I often stamp is not of Christ, but of Kim. Parenting is such a reality check!

Here are some practical ways to stamp the image of Christ on your children.

Prayer--don't neglect praying at bedtime with them. I shared how this has been my struggle over the last year, until God bopped me upside the head with conviction. It seems as though before sleepyland, their hearts are so open. Don't miss the opportunity to talk, share, and pray.

Scripture--we gave out stamps and stamp pads to use creatively with the kids to send a note filled with Truth or a word of encouragement. Post it on their doorframe on their room (Deut. 6:9), post it on their mirror, on their car dashboard, or by their breakfast plate.

Service--find some area of service to do as a family. Visit an elderly friend once a month, serve in a soup kitchen, volunteer at church, stuff envelopes for a church department, make a meal for a new mom, send cards to soldiers serving overseas...the list is endless. Find something and do it together for God.

Friends--not only my children's friends should stamp the image of Christ on them, but my own friends have shown the power of the stamp! We are so blessed to have friends who love on our kids and encourage them in their lives. Our kids count our adult friends as their friends, too.

Take Care of YOU--as homeschool moms, we put ourselves last on the list most days. I have found when I continue to do that over and over again, I end up on empty and ready to explode! That usually does not leave a pretty stamp! ;) Whatever you need to do for yourself this year, whether it is get in a Bible study, exercise, or having some needed down time, make it a priority and do it!

How about you? How do you stamp the image of Christ on your children? We would love to hear from you!

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