Sunday, January 3, 2010


This time last year we began planning for me to work part-part time at our family business.

We began planning how in the world I would work and teach and clean and cook and lead a scouting group and host a small group and know the drill, all the STUFF we moms do.

God wanted me in the office. My husband wanted me in the office. So I prepared for the office.

Tomorrow marks my one year anniversary of working with the most handsome, fun, loving, and considerate boss I have ever had. Can I tell you it is fun to kiss the boss and sit on his lap in the middle of the day?!

I learned to say no to things this year. Our kids learned responsibility in doing jobs at the office, too. They learned the importance of teamwork and giving up some of their time in order for the family goals to be met. As an added bonus and blessing, they gained some great friendships at the office that has enhanced who they are.

I learned once again God equips us with what we need when we need it. Once again I learned He blesses the obedient.

I was a tad fearful of starting last year with a new hat to wear. God showed me again how little faith I had and how great He is to meet my every need. He made it so the hat fit just right. He had created the mold and shaped it just for me, just for this time in my life.

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