Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Cheerleader I Will Be!

We were walking over the weekend at one of our favorite spots in town. The trails are also used for bicyclists. One of our kids decided to take his bike for the first time on the trails. I was impressed with how well he did for a first timer.

We realized at one point there were four adult men behind us as we were about to go up a steep incline filled with stumps and built in stairs (I am sure there is an official name for these stairs, but I am clueless as to what it is!). We decided to pull off to the side of the trail and let the men pass.

Okay. A little back story on me. I am a southerner. I speak to everyone I see on a trail, especially those who would never ever speak first! And I am sure those people are from the north - no offense to anyone north of the Mason Dixon!

Back to the bikers.

As the first guy was making his way up the incline - and it was DIFFICULT - I was overtaken with my inner cheerleading self. I couldn't contain it. I might as well had pom poms and everything. It was bad. It was really bad.

I started clapping and cheering him on...

the birds stopped chirping, the squirrels stopped scratching...possibly the sun stood still

The guy was almost to the top, and at the onset of my fabulous cheer he sorta lost momentum. He did not wreck, if that is what you are thinking!! He just lost momentum and tried his best to get away from the cheerleader woman.

I was quickly reprimanded by my man. I didn't realize there was bike etiquette. I would gladly want someone cheering me on if I were going up that incline...which I cannot fathom doing any time in the next fifty years or so. But I would be thrilled for anyone to cheer me on.

I have laughed at myself (and my family will not let me live this down for a loooong time) ever since.

The cheering squad needs to come out more often. Monday mornings, for example. Instead of drudgery over a new week, how about a shout out for all the opportunities God has for us this week? Sometimes the cheering squad makes boys in this house want to accomplish a lot more than they thought possible, because this cheerleader believes in them. It is amazing how cheering over how well a dusting job was done or how well the laundry was folded does for a young lady. Cheering for the man who works hard all week so we can have a home, clothes, food, a car to drive, bikes to ride, and a vacation or two, does something for the level of respect the children show him.

Don't be mistaken. I fall short of wearing the uniform too often. I focus on what has not been done and what needs to be corrected more than the other.

But remembering how quick I was to cheer for the lone biker, makes me realize I need to be the cheerleader this week. I need to rally the troops. It is going to be a great one!

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