Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Verse For Everything

It was a busy week. I arrived home Saturday night from a wonderful retreat
with the ladies in my church. It was a great time, but I was starting to feel
a little run-down and worn-out. Sure enough, within a few hours I had a
big, fat head cold.

Feeling pretty miserable, I spent most of Sunday and Monday
recuperating and taking all my vitamins. By Wednesday, I was all
better, just in time for the next round of busyness.

In the next few days, I had to "pull-off" several things for my kids.
I had promised my third child a birthday playdate, since what I had
planned for her birthday in the fall had totally fallen apart when a
serious rainstorm had the nerve to ruin our family camping trip. So, I
had invited several friends over for a Thursday afternoon Valentine
birthday playdate complete with mini cupcakes and making Valentines.

Thursday night was spent helping my oldest daughter pack up her things
for her trip with The Classical School to Washington, D.C. She needed
clothes for 7 days/6 nights, plus snacks, thermal underwear, etc.
Needless to say, it took a lot of thinking to get that organized....

Also, it was the youngest daughter's turn to go to the Father-Daughter
dance at church on Friday night, so I was ordering a wrist corsage and
making sure the dress, shoes and tights were ready. Her two older
sisters had previously had their turns. Dad accidentally forgot to buy
the tickets this year, so after I made all those plans, I had to
cancel them! (this might be a subject for another blog! ;-) )

Also on Friday, I had to figure out how I was going to get the 2nd
daughter to her gymnastics team tryout at the same time the third
daughter needed to get ready for the dance. But as it turned out, a
snow storm pushed the tryout to Saturday and relieved that scheduling
problem. Plus, we didn't have tickets to the dance!

By the time we got home in the snow on Friday from our afternoon
activities, the kids enjoyed some time in the snow and I enjoyed some
hot tea and some down time!

Whew, all that preparation and busyness!

We got the oldest daughter off on her trip and Saturday I took the second child
to her gym tryout.

I was feeling guilty because with all that had gone on, I had let some
things slide this week. One was the time I usually spend in training
my kids in Bible study and character issues. It seems like each
morning we were running late and something needed to give, and of
course, I let the hardest thing to do just fall off my plate.

As we were driving to the gym tryout, we were talking about the tryout
and she confided to me that she was a little nervous. I told her to
just do her best and we will see how it turns out. I reminded her of
our recent studies in the book of Daniel about how the Lord is the
Ruler over the Realm of Mankind. (It says that over and over in
Daniel!). And therefore, we can trust His will for whether she gets on
the team or not.

Then she reminded me of her favorite verse in the Bible--Jer. 29:11
which says that God has a plan for us, for our future. And that His
will is not to harm us.

And then she said, "There's also the verse in Joshua 1, where he says
He will be with you wherever you go. I guess there is a verse for
everything in the Bible, right, Mom?"

And I said, "You're right! There is!"

Relief flooded my soul as I realized that even during the busy week,
and my lack of training my kids in the way I SO desire to, that this
one is still getting it. Thank you, Lord, for your grace and mercy and
for covering my mistakes and filling in all the missing things I leave
out. Thank you that the time we have spent in the Word is "sticking"
and that You let me see a glimpse into what this special girl is
learning about You.

Isn't it a relief that He fills in all the places where we are lacking?

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Kim said...

Love that sweet H! She shared her verse last week at Keepers.

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