Friday, February 12, 2010

This is a Test

We have been working on the sin of pride in our home recently. One of the kids told me one of his superior's at work told him he was stubborn yesterday. He was asking me how that was the case based on the scenario. I pointed out his "stubbornness" was actually pride.

We discussed how his struggle was inherited from his parents. We have both struggled with it. Not much fun.

I gave him examples of how God has disciplined us, sometimes pretty severely. Job losses, business failures, financial struggles, marriage struggles. Not much fun.

He remarked, "Pride not only affects you, but those you love, too."

As only God would have it, today my Bible study was in Genesis 22, the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac. Testing. My stomach tightens thinking about it. God's tests are purposeful and always yield a result.

I had told him yesterday, "You know what is exciting? God is allowing you opportunities to kick pride out of your life. He has a great plan for you, and pride will stand in the way of His perfect plan. He cares about you, because He is bringing this to the surface."

Today I was faced with my own tests, realizing how often I have failed the tests over and over again.

Parenting, being the best wife I can be, self discipline...anyone feeling my pain?!

Then I remembered what I told him yesterday. Yeah, it applies to me, too.

All the while, God is full of grace and mercy, giving me tools to use to overcome, giving me the siren of my heart to shut my mouth, giving me LOVE. Unconditional. Fulfilling. Measureless.

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